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5 Key Elements for Design Thinking

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The design can make the difference. Yes, design is that element which bridges the gap between the user and the functionality. But design thinking is a process and requires a few well thought agendas to implement.

Our teams of web development experts have UI and UX designers who have shared their thought process on design thinking. Here are the elements that go in the design thinking adopted by UI development experts and web development specialists at Helios Solutions.

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Our Design Thinking – From Utility to Experience


Everything finally boils down to User Experiences! Hence, the term ‘UX’ has been emphasized a lot these days. Design in the objective sense is the essence of creating engaging user experiences. It is the part of the journey of providing with user experiences. Because, technological advances are focusing towards building experiences more than utilities, design thinking has become important. It is an effective form of exploring opportunities. With the new techniques and tools, the processes and approaches may change but the core and the rationale remains the same.


It is an ability that refines the design process and gives insights on the requirements of the development process. To develop design thinking, one should posses the quality of being able to empathize. Design thinking requires wide horizons, ability to draw possibilities and combinations that lead to interaction and judgment.  In order to reach this stage of design capabilities, it is important to understand the users, see the solution from the user’s perspectives.

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Creating user experience is successful when you are able to use the touch points as that shapes the mindset of the customer towards your brand. This calls for visualization where the understanding needs to be in the context of data visualization.

In data visualization, the tools are used for analysis to elaborate the features of a system. Data visualization avails the understanding of small changes – positive or negative.


Design thinking requires the ability to put across a story. It is an iterative process which involves methods, tools, understanding of problems and looking for solutions. The story will require the individuals for making the most impressive methods of storytelling.


Design thinking needs to be compelling. Every aspect chosen like the touch points, color palette or the effects for functionality, every aspect needs to act like a guide to the user. It is important that your users are compelled to take an action. This can happen with cognitive process that your web development specialist shall include in the design thinking strategy. Here, it is important that the design and the development teams work in tandem and achieve interactive user experiences with the help of design thinking.

DIY User Experiences

User experiences can have different approaches, but the core remains the same. It is necessary that you develop your design thinking yourself – DO IT YOURSELF. It is important to establish the link between the creativity and technicality. In this age of so much information, the design thinking can help you stand out in competition. We can help your design thinking with your innovative and robust technology solutions. Helios – your partner for high end technology solutions. We hope this read was useful in some way. See you until the next interesting read!

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