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Google New Logo : Clean, smart, user-friendly and colorful logo

Over 17 years, as Technology evolved, Google went from being a typical search tool to a quick handy one-stop destination for handy solutions and prompt services that never leave you behind. Through the journey of innovations and changes in its usage, Google has come a long way and has achieved so much recognition and accolades. Apart from its innovative approach and compelling attributes, one trait that has captured the attention of many users is its varying look and feel.

The news is: Google has altered its logo design to match with aesthetic standards of the web services across the world. It was a matter of a long gone past that people used to reach Google services from a personal Desktop. Ever since then, users got to explore Google products across many different platforms, apps and devices including Smartphones and Tablets, watch or even TV. This makes it possible for you to access Google wherever and whenever you need it.

From Gmail to Google maps, Drives to Cloud data protection services, it has enhanced its accessibility and dived successfully into mobile market. Chrome in particular is a faster and safer browser, and with open Android platform it has opened many doors of unique opportunities for you. It began to give answers before you ask for them and 6-letter on plain white page began to complete your search keywords as estimated guess based on its knowledge base. What more could you ask? But the journey doesn’t stop here and the every pioneering success is the beginning of new challenges and prospect of better future.

Hitherto, it has been a common design practice of users to land on Google page that has a different logo than what you see today. It is now Sans-serif and slightly toned down four-color logo that represents how Google works like a magic for you. It reflects the world of seamless computing across the range of devices and variety of inputs.

This isn’t to simply grab attention, but it also shows that Google is always there for you and constantly works to meet your technology requirements and make your life easy with new established standards and unrivalled solutions. Currently the effort to replace the little blue “g” icon with a four-color “G” that matches the logo is in progress and will soon be seen in effect.

Clean, smart, user-friendly and colorful, the new updated logo is the reflection of the fact that Google works all round for us. Google also hints at bringing the new design across all its products, which will be more exciting to experience.

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