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Important Things to consider during development of Mobile website design

The first thought that pops up while planning for a web site development is, web design. Creating intelligent and interesting mobile designs have become important with the increase in mobile devices across the globe. Only, a perfect and good web design can make a visitor stay longer on the website to at least know what eh website is all about. Or else, it might just make the visitor leave the site the moment they visited. This in turn reduces the ranking and popularity of the website especially for mobile devices.

Mobile Website development

Make it Simple:
It is important to keep the design as simple as possible according to the visitors understanding. The visitors expect the design to be appealing at the same time they want it to be simple and easily accessible. Therefore, it is very much necessary for the designers to consider this and keep the mobile design user friendly.

Prioritize features:

It is very crucial to prioritize the number of features to be embedded in the design according to their importance. This, in turn will also help the visitors to easily identify their requirements and surf accordingly.

Avoiding mistakes:

This one is very crucial. We all make some or the other mistakes, it is necessary to second check the design and its elements to confirm the design is perfect without any errors. Design with mistakes will not portray a good first impression and will make the visitors leave the website without a second thought.

Resizing images and fonts:

Optimizing images and fonts will decrease the load time of the website, and we all know, that a site which loads faster is a site loved by everyone.

Touchable buttons:

The “call to action” button should be made easily accessible and touchable on mobile devices. Make the button in a way that can be easy accessed from a touch screen mobile device.

Scaling of web pages:

Creating a web page that scales to both portrait and landscape views. It is suggested to avoid building sites on flash or flash video, doing so will have the site not load on iPhone and iPad.

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