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The New Era of Mobile HealthCare Technology! [Infographic] By Helios

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3 min. read time

After the advent of the 5th Estate, we have come a long way. It has given birth to many innovations and had taken our living to a whole new level. Software Development and Mobile Development has taken these innovations to a refined state leading to a more convenience and advanced operations.

And now, mHealth is one of those innovations that will be making a powerful impact on our daily lives by enabling humans to monitor vitals or get treatment. mHealth is the next big thing in the Health Industry, let’s explore what it has for us!


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Annette (3 months)

The fact that the health sector is one of the leading sectors in the adoption of mobile technology is noteworthy. Interesting infographic on the mobile health space. Very detailed and to the point.


    helios (3 months)

    Thank you for your comment. Stay tuned for more informative posts on related topics.


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