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Apple’s Patch OS X Git Version Released – Sigh of Relief for iOS Developers

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With the Apple’s fix, it is becoming easier to validate the new fix for the OS X Git Version. XCode used by many iOS developers to write applications for OS X and iOS. It is an Integrated Development Environment which includes a package called the OS X Command Line Tools for Xcode.

The Xcode contains the open source Git for developers to develop and code. This new version was released by the Git developers earlier in March but they took time to integrate Xcode.

Apple’s Patch OS X

There were two vulnerabilities known since mid of March. They could be exploited with a file structure while cloning a repository. Because of these vulnerabilities, hackers or attackers could easily execute hacking through malicious code on systems using the Git source code.


The Two Vulnerabilities:

CVE – 2016 – 2324

CVE – 2016 – 2315

Recently, they released a version of Xcode development tool for two reported critical vulnerabilities in Git source code management client. The new version is shipped with command line tools package which has been updated.

For the updated version, visit: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206338

These tools package is not available as installed by default on OS X. For this, the developers have to install the tools separately from Xcode and those who have installed will receive an update notification from the store.

Because there was no fix for Xcode earlier, many system administrations had to resort to hackery in order to disable Git on Macs that were using Xcode in their organization which also affected the work and productivity in all.

Many systems administrator posted arguments in context of non availability of the bug fix as it was being dragged for a long time now. The iOS App Development Experts were extremely put off due to this vulnerability.

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