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Google to Show Real-Time Tweets in its Search Results

Google has added few updates to it’s search results, which can now be seen while browsing from mobile devices.

In addition to links and images, users will now also see relevant tweets in the results feed, related to the topic being searched. Google has been making amazing changes to the mobile search results and latest adds even more real-time search results. twitter

Google has been making amazing changes to the mobile search results and latest adds even more real-time search results.


For instance, If a user is searching for it’s favorite artist, the search results will show the artist latest tweets which can be scrolled through directly from the search results. By doing so, Google is now making real-time information available for it’s users. Google is rolling out this information in English for the Google app on both iOS and Android devices.The company is also waiting to add more languages and getting it to the desktop.


This update from Google will let the user do a high level search of Twitter as well, searching with a hashtag will now bring up the popular tweets of that particular search term.


This update makes a lot of sense for both the companies. More valuable content is found on Twitter which is not available anywhere else and may be less visited. This action will help Google users find more and relevant content and it will help twitter to reach wider range of audience.


This choice to go mobile also aligns with the fact that more users today prefer searching from their mobile devices while they are on a go.


A spokesman of Google said that they are testing the feature as to how it resonates with the users and will further make improvements as the feature catches on.


This new deal reportedly excludes advertising revenue, which says that Google is paying a flat licensing fees to access twitter’s data. This arrangement let’s twitter stand gains financially by bringing attention to more than just user’s tweets.

It seems like the tweets in the Google search results will become a pretty common place.

This feature will eventually help Google to display more information to its users which is real-time and Twitter to obtain more users.


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