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Facebook Messenger to get its First Game

Now you can play games on Facebook Messenger. The company planned to make Messenger app a separate entity from Facebook, with in-app sticker purchase to games now. Yes, Facebook Messenger will ow support its first game Doodle Draw.

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This game is exclusively available to play within the app on iOS and Android. This game is familiar to draw something, which many of the users might be aware about. Users can also the download the game from the options provided in the Messenger app.

The Doodle Draw will let users earn currency by simply inviting friends to play along with them. This game will fit in the chat thread and will allow multi player options. However, there’s also a great chance of this game getting spammed like other platforms like Zynga, which got so polluted that Facebook had to remove these channels completely to avoid the risk of getting a virus.

The new game Doodle Draw is too leading its way in the spammy direction, which is a risk Messenger is taking. Getting people to play with and earning in-app currency could incentivize sending tons of crappy doodles to bunch of friends.

Instead the Company could build non-spammy games on Messenger that can grow its engagement and if the games get merited by their quality it can further gain exposure and growth.

Messenger has about 60 million users as of now, and has been ad free. Hopefully, Facebook might act and do something about avoiding spam on Messenger. The decision of adding social games to Messenger is a great way to get more users to Messenger.

Since the launch of Messenger app, the Facebook chat has been seen to grow significantly. Users can now send money in the middle of a chat and can also use third-party apps and get as much user engagement as possible.

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