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Naming a Mobile App – A Helios Strategy

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Picking the right name can make the difference, especially when it comes to naming a mobile app. There are few aspects you need to consider before you decide on the name.

Mobile App Development

We at Helios, wish to take a rational approach towards naming your app and we wish to highlight how we do it. Also, in many cases, there are many stakeholders in the picture, thus it becomes important that you consider inputs from all the ends to suggest names for the mobile application.

Here, we would like to recommend our process of naming a mobile app; after all we want you to your stand out from the rest!

Helios Process of ‘Naming The App’

Our branding team came up with a process that incorporates some interesting steps to climb before we decide on a name for a mobile application, and it includes -

First Step: Ask questions about your brand

Define your purpose, your mission, your target audience and what feeling you wish to convey to your users. Try to think from your target audience’s seat and you will find the answers to your questions.

Second Step: Do a thorough analysis of user experience

It’s important to provide users with an experience; you don’t want them to be disappointed at any level. Learn how do you wish to make them feel while using your application? The answer to this question will provide you with very meaningful options.

Third Step: Have a brainstorming session!

Jot down those ideas on the white board and let the idea evolve. Brainstorming helps in finding the best possible option for the purpose. It provides with the scope of exploring all the possibilities to a concept. Stock the coffee sachets!

Fourth Step: Conduct in-depth research on the brand

Having a strong base always helps! See what services you are providing; see if it matches your purpose. Pick 10 names from the 100 selected and then see the status of those names on the app store.

Fifth Step: Ensure you apply the App Store Practices

Living up to the App store requirements is crucial. The length of your app name is the most important. Make sure it is in line with the character limit for iOS apps (8-25 Characters) and Android apps(16-30 Characters). Just ensure it’s short and catchy!

Final Step: Narrow down your best options and make a decision

Well, if you have made it this far, then you are just about to have the apt name for your mobile app. Pick that one name which meets the above factors and you shall shine at the app store, we assure that!

On a meaningful level, this might come handy during your brainstorming sessions:

Apply – The Concept of 4 U

Unique I Urgent I Useful I Ultra-Specific

Make sure the word you chose has at least two of these factors and you will just nail it with that name. Also read: http://blog.heliossolutions.in/mobile-technology/demo-video-mobile-application/

We are IT Oursourcing India with an experience of more than 10 year in the field of innovation and technology. From naming your mobile application to defining solutions and developing it, we can do it all. Talk to the mobile development specialist today and get the best of mobile application development. Make sure you are not falling behind in this mobile first world.

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