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Types of Landing pages which increases Conversion

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Landing pages are mostly standalone web pages that that serve a specific pre-defined goal that increases conversions. Websites selling products or services, make use of these pages to educate the user before directing them to the shopping cart page of offering a form to submit their lead.

Landing pages are basically designed to push users towards a specific conversion centred goal by customizing message.

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This is one of the most basic landing pages, and is mostly preferred first. This landing page will have general information about the product, why to buy the product, when it’s available, etc. And has a button for the user to take them to the page where the product can be bought.

Viral landing page:

These pages are very popular among the number of users; these pages are a very clever way to secure customers. These pages are mainly used to gather visitor’s personal data, usually instructing them to leave their name and email address. Hence, any navigational links and exit options are purposefully very limited. Importantly, this is a company’s way of building up a mailing list of potential customers to then follow up. This kind of business can provide a great boost in lead management.

Lead generation landing page:

These kinds of pages are used to capture user data like name and email address. The main purpose of this page is to collect all information that will allow marketing and connecting with the prospect at a subsequent time. A lead generation page would always have a form with a description of what the user gets in return for submitting their personal data.

Benefits of having a landing page:

Generate leads easily:

One best thing that a landing page does for a website is to convert leads easily. Good landing pages improve the website’s conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors that ultimately took the action the website waned. These people get converted from visitors to interested shoppers to potential buyers and hopefully lifelong customers.

Increases traffic:

A landing page can actually increase great amount of traffic. This page can actually bag in a lot of revenue for the business if done correctly and marketed well.

Call to Action:

A landing page should always ask for something, obviously in a very subtle way. It has to be enough convincing to the potential buyers. By keeping the landing page in front of the gate, the offers will greatly support the lead generation efforts.

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