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Points to Consider for Better Usability of Mobile Web Design

Mobile web browsing is turning out to be the next internet platform. It has now become easy to browse the net from anywhere at any time using these devices that fits in the hands easily. Not implementing good usability in Mobile Web Design makes it difficult to browse around various popular mobile sites. Designing for mobile site needs to be simple than that of the main site, and more task oriented.

Mobile Web Design

Here are few things to consider helping create website that is accessible on mobile devices and not just on the desktops:

Deciding screen resolution:

Mobile devices contain a rich variation in different screen sizes and resolution to variety of shapes. It is important to focus on striking a balance between sufficient screen width and the audience size. It is recommended to find out the specs of the latest mobile devices and use the best judgement. The challenge, developers face is to display the design appropriately across a range of screen sizes without recreating pages for different platforms.

Break up pages into small sections:

Test that is lengthy becomes hard to read on small screens, hence placing them on different pages limits the scrolling in one direction. It is suggested to stick to a single column of text that wraps so there’s no horizontal scrolling.


Provide a great user experience by keeping the design as simple as possible. Avoid including tables, frames and other formatting in the mobile design. The use of padding should be kept a minimum as possible. It is important to strip down on unnecessary functionality and simplify the website with balance between content and navigation.

Give an option to view the full website:

Providing a link to switch back to the full website to access the rest of the functionality will aid the mobile users a big time. Also include “back to top” links at the end of the page to avoid horizontal scrolling; this can help them jump back to the top of the page.

Get creative with the mobile design in a new way and provide the users what they desire.

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