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Joomla Day Russia 2014 – An event worth attending

Joomla day is an annually held event in many countries. This year it is being held in Russia on 26th June 2014. It is a unique event that brings together Joomla users and web developers in one place to discuss new developments and current trends in Joomla, to interchange experiences, to extend the circle of professional contacts and also have a good time.

The Joomla community will be very active and even more cohesive and integrated during this event. This will lead to greater information sharing, actionable features and functionality, and more details about future releases. The conference would cover topics relevant to professionals who create or plan to create sites with Joomla, internal development process, project management, technical details, etc.

Program scheduled

  • Date: June 26, 2014, 9:00 to 21:00
  • Location: Moscow, Warsaw Highway, 28A metro Nagatinskaya

Entry Price:

  • 1200 rubles

Program includes:

  • 20 reports
  • 9 question and answer sessions
  • 300 seats in the conference room
  • Welcome coffee/lunch/coffee break/ after party

Topics that will be covered in the conference:

  • Using free templates and individual development templates for Joomla
  • Application of CCK for building complicated directories on Joomla
  • Database users, social network integration and SMM
  • Security and Administration of Joomla sites
  • E-commerce business and online access to the content
  • Individual development sites based on Joomla

Speakers for the conference

  • Valdim Kunitsyn
  • Artem Lebsak
  • Dmitry Lukyan
  • Sergei Mochalov
  • Alexei Shishkin

Everything that you need to know about Joomla will be discussed in this conference. Practical solutions will be given by leading industry experts. They would talk on each and every aspect of the CMS. Participants attending the conference will never regret their decision. A lot will be discussed on the recent trends and Joomla development which would prove to be fruitful to developers and Joomla users.

For more details and further information, please visit, http://events.joomla.org/events/689-joomla-day-russia

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