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Drupal Summit, New Haven, 2014 – Learn how to use Drupal for Higher educational institutes

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The Drupal summit is organized to discuss the needs and issues specific to using Drupal in educational environments. Everyone is welcome, whether you are currently using Drupal or looking to determine if Drupal would be a possible solution for Higher Ed organization.

Participants of all skill levels are welcomed, from beginners through experts, in a variety of roles —- site builder, developer, theme developer, support specialist, project manager, etc.

The schedule will be a combination of traditional presentations, announced ahead of time and discussions that are decided the day of the event.

Event Details

Friday, 18th July, 2014
08:30 to 16:00
Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Ave.,
New Haven, CT


Create Once, Deploy Everywhere. How Drupal and Pantheon one are changing higher Ed Web development.

Learn an efficient way to build, launch and maintain higher Ed websites. See how Stanford University and UC Berkeley Pantheon to standardize their development process, enhancing the maintainability and long term viability of the sites they build. An overview of industry leading higher education distributions like open Academy, Julio, openEDU, and Harvard’s open Scholar, which provides lots of useful functionality “Out of the box”.

We sold Drupal to the world, now we must support it. Here’s how:

Drupal over the past several years, has largely been a technology solution that basically sells itself. From huge organizations (like NYSE, NBC, Sony, Pfizer) to entire governments (see https://groups.drupal.org/government-sites) to well established educational institutions (such as Yale, MIT, UMASS) much of the world has standardized on Drupal as their solution for millions of websites.
As an open source community, an amazing solution has been built by them. Which has been adopted by the world, and now is the time to support it.

Food will also be provided during the summit
Morning bagels and coffee will be available at 8:00 am during sign in. Lunch will be provided in between during noon.

For more updates on the summit, please visit the site, https://groups.drupal.org/node/429013

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