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Drupal Camp, Sydney, 2014 – Connecting minds with similar interests

Drupal Camp Sydney is an event organized for two days, aiming at bringing all the Drupal enthusiasts together to learn, share knowledge, network with others and basically have some fun. The camp will be relatively unstructured; the presentation area will be made available for those willing to present something for short, 15-minute talks. Whatever the Drupal interest one might have, some collaboration would definitely be found. The event is for everyone, be it a Drupal Expert or an amateur.

Event Details:


Saturday, 1st November, 2014

Sunday, 2nd November, 2014



Level 1

608 Harris St

Ultimo NSW 2007


The cost of the Ticket is $15, which includes:

  • Entry to the Event
  • Drinks and Snacks throughout the day
  • Wifi at the Venue
  • Lunch
  • One drink at the bar on Saturday night (Saturday only)



  • High density PHP – Justin Randall
  • Wrangling the Message Stack – Anton Baggerman
  • Decoupled Drupal with RabbitMQ – Boris Gordon
  • Developer Love – Tine Sorenson


  • Client vs Site Builder – Murray Woodman & Ivan Zugec


  • OSSEC Intrusion Detection and Response – Miguel Jacq (mig5)

Case study

Double J – building an editing workflow – James Gollan & Yusuf Hasan Miyanc

It will cover the following:

  • Content creation forms
  • Scald custom plugins
  • Services API customization

What to bring?

  • A laptop and power code
  • Your favourite coffee cup

For more information about the event and tickets, please visit us at, http://drupalcamp.net.au/sydney2014/

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