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How to Handle 5 Common Developer Personalities?

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Running an IT firm can be crucial with all the developers and coders having a tough time to step out from the cocoon. But these developers and coders can be handful. Such IT personalities can be very interesting but at the same time very annoying and have the ability to affect the growth of the company.

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To help you recognize a few of these personalities, we have listed them below and also suggested tips on how to handle them coming straight from the IT development team with an experience of more than 10 years.

The Late Comer

The Late Comer

Meeting project deadlines is a big challenge for IT companies globally and also plays a role in standing in the competition. But because of this developer personality – The Late Comers, it is difficult at times to keep these promises. Because they are late on delivering the projects, it leads to disappointment among your clients. Such developer personalities need a little push generally and it will do the needful. They are the kinds who start preparing the night before the exam.

To manage this kind of developer around you, need to look into a few aspects of setting the deadlines. Typically, these kinds need structure, guidance and tracking around in the work place. All you have to do is keep a watch on them and set daily project schedules and you should be able to handle them very easily.

Meeting Phobic

Meeting Phobic

You know one of those who suddenly disappear when there are meetings or Skype calls. They disappear because most of them just don’t like to attend meetings. We understand when it comes to IT projects; the meetings can go for long hours without stopping and such meetings you simply can’t let yourself divert. Also there are times when there are just 5 or even less people in the room. These personality types who are introverts generally can’t perform in a room surrounded by people.

More than being strict with them, it is important that you help them cope with these pressures. More than just applying a logical training practice or a strategy of counseling, it is important that you make them feel comfortable in the environment. It is important that they are motivated to be part of the meeting. Make them feel important as equal participants in a meeting and credit them for their inputs. This should find a way out for such personality type.

Silent Serpent

Silent Serpent

At a work place, it is important that interaction happens, especially in an IT set up where the feel is stereotyped to be grey and boring. Unlike these traits, few IT set ups always try to bring the atmosphere alive through engagement activities or HR activities as developers who are nerd or geek like tend to be in general very quiet people. The silent one generally keeps to herself/ himself and do their own thing. This can be a little tricky to the progress of any kind of project. His/ Her being inactive in a conversation or meeting related to project can hamper the growth, also on a personal level the developer will not be able to recognize or challenge his/ her capabilities in order to rise in life leading to depression or self pity.

So how do you deal with them? Encourage and engage them in peer activities and let them do the talking. Questions are a good way out to let hear to their perspective. Let them be leaders in a project, give them a change. Show some faith and confidence in them and it shall all be good in the end. Handling them isn’t really a task because they are not really a nuisance but their existence can be a question.

The Nosy One

The Nosy One

These ones are the most annoying as they don’t pay attention to their work but they are always interesting in what the others in the organization are doing. Due to this reason, the nosy one generally falls back on his/ her work resulting in affecting the performance of the company.

This one can be critical to deal with. All you have to do is counsel them about peer behaviour and let them know that you being watched. In your own subtle ways but do let them know, so they have an idea that they are under surveillance. Giving you the valuable advice, don’t mess around with them. They have the ability to spread things quickly because they are naturally very social. Drop your hints and keep them loaded with work at all times. If it still does not work, show them their performance graph!

The High Achiever

The High Achiever

We don’t wish to generalize their type. They are the atypical ones, unlike the rest given above. This type aims at reaching the stars which can be very exhausting. This kind of developer tends to set high standards for themselves and their work. They always push themselves to achieve even something that is not in their cup of tea. Also, this can be too promising for clients. They are hard working individuals and take their work very seriously. They are an asset to the company but such high achievers can be a handful when it comes to dealing with or coming to an agreement.

To handle these software development specialists, you need to be extra pre-cautious. They are hard workers so cannot question their capabilities. You need to make them understand that it is good to keep expectations real. Make them understand the difference between setting achievable goals and goals that are too far-fetched. They are very considerate but being strict or too hard on them can also make them pull away and shut out. Provide them with empathetic inputs and make them understand the value of their hard work and time put in a project. Hopefully, then this personality shall come in peace.

How is it at Helios?

At Helios, our HR team always tries to ensure that the working environment for any developer, coder, project manager or business development manager is sound. These above mentioned personality traits will also help us in recognizing these traits to help them perform better in their work. We hope this blog proves useful for IT set ups. Keep following us for such interesting blogs in order to empower your work environment – We are IT Outsource Software Development Experts in India.

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